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With the development of the Internet, more and more people want to build a website of their own, but suffer from not knowing the technology, not clear about the process of website construction. So next, we will talk to you about what is the basic process of website construction.

1.Register domain name

The first step in the basic process of building a website is, of course, to apply for a domain name.

Domain name is a website URL, a good website of course should have a simple and memorable domain name, we commonly domain name is .com or .cn, I also recommend registering this, some of the more bizarre non-mainstream domain name do not try. Domain name is not expensive, generally just a few dozen dollars a year.

How to register it? There are many channels to apply for a domain name, such as W3C, Ali cloud, Tencent cloud, Godaddy, etc. Now there are many third-party website building platforms on the market that can also register domain names.

2. Determine the theme of the website

The theme direction of the website is very important, what is the purpose of you build this website? What is the main target group? Is the website for e-commerce? Public welfare? Art showcase? Or education? ...... these are to think clearly in advance, with the theme, you can determine their own website to go what style, as well as the structure of the site, column settings, style color, text picture combination, etc.. The theme is the soul of the site, before we start building the site, we must do it in mind.

3. Choose the right way to build a website

Generally speaking, the creation of a website requires programming and writing code. If you have the basics and are not afraid of trouble, you can spend a lot of time learning HTML, CSS and other knowledge to make a website of your own.

But! If a layman goes to learn in this way there is no need thatFor those who do not know how to code, there are basically three ways to create a website.

  1. Assemble your own technical team to develop the website
  2. Get custom outsourcing services for your website
  3. Use SaaS self-service website building platform

I personally recommend the last one, the construction cycle is short (even just a few minutes, a few hours), the cost is very low, free can also be used, and a person can complete, does not require a technical basis. This is also the current hot way to build a website, foreign wix, shopify and the more famous domestic "online", are part of this way to build a website.

4. Start building your own website

Here comes the main event~! After choosing the right self-service website building platform, you can build your website properly. Here we take "online" as an example to teach you to do a good job on your own website.

Open the official website, register your account and select "Create Website", a template screen will pop up.

5. Test website

After going online, we should test to see if there are any bugs, whether the browsing is smooth, and whether the speed is fast enough? To ensure that visitors have a better browsing experience.

6. Optimize maintenance

This is a very important step in the website building process and one of the easiest to forget. Further layout, beautification and retouching of the website, you can learn more about PS and UI if needed.

Don't forget to maintain and update your website, optimize your website content often, make your website layout more reasonable, and listen to your visitors' opinions so that your website will be more popular and also be able to have a better search ranking.

7. Share website

Share your website with friends and family to see it ~ it is after all the fruit of your hard work, is it a great sense of accomplishment?

These are the 7 basic processes of website building. On paper, it is better to try it yourself, you will find that building a website is really a very simple thing.

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