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In November 2022, the latest movie site recommendations, we recommend the movie site first must be clean and fresh, complete resources, high-definition picture quality, the line is not lagging, advertising more charges are not recommended, please feel free to eat, each recommended movie site is our personal evaluation of more than a week.

First of all, we highly recommend the recently arrived comprehensive type of movie website.KingmanTV!!!

Website domain name: https://jinmantv.com

It is highly recommended, no ads, the whole network of VIP resources, really what to have what, usually Google search resources can not be searched out in JinmanTV.

KingmanTV currently has 10 lines, with official Tencent, Akiyay, Youku, and Mango. b-station resources are available, as well as movie commentaries and documentaries.

The most important thing is that the line of this movie site is accelerated with global CDN! No matter which country you watch it in, it is not stuck, which is perfect for overseas Chinese to watch movies.


40 Video https://40tl.com

40 Pictures is also very good, the resources are not as full as KingmanTV, but the line is good, the site itself does not have ads, but there are watermarks in the video content.

Overseas access is also smooth, and I have tested it locally in Los Angeles with various devices in various network environments are very smooth.

77 Navigation https://77nav.com

This is a comprehensive film and television navigation site, usually can not find their favorite movie sites can be found on the inside, classification is very complete, but also divided into regions for different countries and regions to give professional site navigation.


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