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The latest TV series Thank You Doctor Overseas, which was released on November 4, can be watched directly online on KingmanTV without having to go over the wall back home and without ads. You can watch domestic TV series overseas with either ads or VIP membership, but now you can watch all the official domestic VIP video resources for free on KingmanTV without having to go back to your home country, which is really great!


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Thank you doctor overseas broadcast address: https://jinmantv.com/index.php/vod/detail/id/99071.html

Xiao Yan, a doctor, comes to the emergency department of Tong Shan Hospital with the pain of losing her fiancé Lin Zhiyuan. In the newly established EICU (Emergency Intensive Care Unit), she and Bai Jue, a doctor, use their excellent medical skills to treat one critical patient after another. The doctors in the emergency department were touched by the life story and emotional story of the patient, and together they experienced the test of life and the torture of humanity. Overcoming differences and difficulties, all of them tried their best to guard the last door of the battle for life.



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