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    Chengdu Quanmei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a cosmetic company integrating R&D and sales. The company has 20 years of research experience in drug effectiveness and drug metabolism research, drug safety evaluation research, cosmetic formulation and preparation development and evaluation. At present, the company has a team of industry experts and consultants, including cosmetic evaluation experts from the Ministry of Health, global R&D consultants from Procter & Gamble, professors from the School of Pharmacy of Sun Yat-sen University, doctoral candidates from the National Thousand Talents Program, professors from Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and a team of R&D experts who have returned from studying in Japan, the United States and Germany. The company's "CHUENME!" brand has developed a series of efficacious skin care products with natural plant extracts such as Damascus rose oil, jojoba oil and aloe vera. All products are designed with "two low and four no" formulations and have been evaluated for human clinical safety and efficacy by the National Chengdu New Drug Safety Evaluation Center and the Human Safety and Efficacy Testing Institute of Cosmetics of the State Ministry of Health (West China Hospital of Sichuan University).

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